500 people enjoy the closure of the winter toy library “L’Art de Nadal”

Monday, January 9, 2012 11:36 AM

Theater to end a few weeks of learning and fun

No one wanted to miss the closing of the winter toy library, a holiday in which both young and old could enjoy all the activities prepared.

The gymnasium of the Isabel la Católica school hosted about 500 people, including students and relatives, last Thursday morning to enjoy the shows that the little ones had prepared. There was no shortage of Christmas performances, costumes and tirisiti theater.

The councilor for education, Gema Borrás, did not want to miss this great day and shared with protagonists and relatives each and every one of the performances highlighting “the important work of the toy library during these holidays as it allows them to continue with their school routine both in timetable and in the dynamics of learning and on the other hand it makes it easier for parents to reconcile work and family ”.

Javier Monzó, one of the coordinators of the Christmas toy library, explained that “the Christmas Art project was born from a perspective of improving the child’s creative and artistic development, in such a way that social relations between children are strengthened. attitudes and values ​​of recognition and respect for the performing arts centered in L’Olleria and its surroundings are also promoted ”in addition“ another important point within the programming has been the knowledge of the traditional games of our community that bring us closer to our tradition and origins ”in terms of novelties“ the incorporation of Yoga has made it possible to work on the psychomotor progression of children ”.

Finally, he said that “the balance has been very good as we have achieved all the goals set, learn through play and theater, acquire habits, rules, and rules of social behavior and hygiene, educate for healthy fun and acquire psychomotor development skills ”.

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